HotDocs Market offers a Business-to-Business retail environment that enables you to sell subscriptions to content, update products at any point and seamlessly deliver to customers using proven HotDocs technology.

Selling Your Content

Whether you are creating a single form or a complex collection of templates, HotDocs Market has the capability to handle the content you want to sell. Optimize the revenue you are generating through the HotDocs Market customized pricing model. Offer annual and monthly subscriptions, volume discounts and member preferred rates, creating pricing options that work for a range of businesses. Publish your products through HotDocs Market and create an ongoing source of revenue.

Product Updates

The Publisher Portal within HotDocs Market enables Publishers to make changes at any point. You can update the content within a form based on new information. Publishers also have the ability to add or remove a form within a form collection. In addition to updates that might be made based on changes in the legal industry or court system, you will also have access to reports which will demonstrate user trends – which templates are being used the most, how often are they being used. The pricing model can be adjusted at any point. You might have an annual pricing model established and decide to add in monthly pricing to attract new subscribers.

Seamless Delivery

Customers are able to view your products, make a purchase and start using the content immediately. Updates to products are seamlessly issued to customers through HotDocs Market and recurring billing happens automatically. No longer will you have to rely on traditional distribution methods with expensive production costs to create CDs or DVDs. Shipping costs are eliminated and updated content is quickly disseminated, available to both current and future subscribers.

Powered by HotDocs

HotDocs Market leverages proven HotDocs technology. You can transform word processor documents or PDF forms into document-generation process applications, and publish your product through the web-based marketplace. A Cloud solution for access to HotDocs Market and the associated forms libraries enable subscribers to engage from a wide range of devices and locations. Subscribers have access to basic Document Services for free, or they can upgrade to a premium Document Services account.

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